Brandon Slagle Brandon Slagle
Brandon Slagle : Actor, Director, Writer, Producer, Musician.

Brandon is known for films such as Kinky Killers, Plasterhead, Methodic, 15 Till Midnight.

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Do you feel the internet has helped your career? In what way?

It has, mostly due to the ability to cover all the bases in a short period of time publicity-wise. The key factor though is getting the right information to the right people and marketing yourself in a way that people will find interesting.

What's your favorite social network?

They all have their perks. People seem to like the interactivity that facebook promotes but with myspace - for now - you can still reach the largest group of people...if they log into their accounts that is. Twitter I'm not sure about. I do not like being reliant on these sites though. I don't like how sometimes people with the wrong intentions can get to you so easily.

What's the freakiest website you've visited? - you will find the MOST insane things on this frightens me actually.

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