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Didrik Davis : Actor

Didrik Davis one of the midwests finest character actors,with an intimadating precense on screen and the ability to deliever time and time again he can be a valuable assest to any project.
Started his career in the entertainment field as a professional wrestler but sooned realized his true passion was acting.Has done mainly shorts and indie work but is on his was to his big break,with roles from everything from a knight in Squire Bill,a father turned zombie in The man of the house,to a crooked cop ,a cheating husband ,and the loveable dope Billy along side Fred Williamson in Zombie Apocolaypse Redemtion,he always brings the characters from your visions alive.With his pro wrestling back ground and a black belt in judo he can easily perform his own stunts and loves to be in the middle of the action.

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Agent: Curt Howe
# 586-362-3561

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