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Michael Santi was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and later decided law enforcement was something he thought he could do to help change people's lives, little did he know it would change his life and give him a vision of what his future could be. After moving to Florida, he decided to pursue film and television as his way of expressing his true passion and soon he became respected as a professional entertainer in many films including an action short film "Against the Wall" written/directed by Rodney Luis Aquino of Goin' Ballistic/Left Digital Media as well as many upcoming feature films such as The Dutch Book. He is slated to film in New York by September in a new film titled "Concrete Jungle" and another "Feeding on Fear." Mike is well on his way up the Hollywood ladder and soon to be in the presence of his favorite icons:Al Pacino, Robert Deniro, Joe Pesci just to name a few.

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"If you walk in "Faith" not "Sight"...you would be surprised how different the world looks..believe in yourself...and believe in what your meant to do." That's the way Michael Santi lives everyday. He has a faith that grows everyday and believes that Dreaming Big is the answer to your dreams.

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