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Adam Emanon : Musician, Artist, Designer, Writer, Photographer

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Have you ever used any online tutorials?
Adam: I have looked at one or two tutorials briefly, but it has been mostly just learning by observing and emulating the best of what I see.

Has your website served as a useful display for your creations and services?
Adam: It would probably serve me better if someone who was actually an HTML/Flash whiz had made it, but I firmly believe in the DIY method, and also like not having to be a jerk and tell someone when and how to update my site. It's artistic freedom and creative control plus it's a direct expression and communication right from me. It's got everything you could want and more. I figure why hold back, i've gotten some positive interview responses based on some little tidbits you wouldn't think would be relevant whatsoever.

Do you blog often? Would you consider taking entries and writing a book someday?

Adam: II do blog, but not frequently. If I blogged everything that ran through my head no one would want to read it anyway. I try to save blog posts for when I have something really important to get out, or something very profound to ponder.

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