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Brent Gorcie : Musician : Singer : Model

Brent went to 15 different schools in his lifetime and dropped out of high school his junior year to pursue music and film.

He is a descendant of Leo B. Gorcey (June 3, 1917 - June 2, 1969) who was an American stage and movie actor who became famous for portraying the leader of a group of young hooligans known variously as the Dead End Kids, The East Side Kids and The Bowery Boys. In 1937, Samuel Goldwyn made the popular play 'Dead End' into a movie of the same name, and transported Leo and the other 5 boys to Hollywood. Leo Gorcey became one of the busiest actors in Hollywood for the next 20 years.

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Which social network seems to help gain more authentic fans for your music?

My music is only heard on MySpace at the moment, however, I seem to be gaining more of a fan-base on Facebook. I think it's way more "user-friendly", so to speak.

Has anything special happened to help your career due to being online?

Absolutely. I'm currently doing a song with Macy Gray that I wrote and produced strictly because of my connection and contact with her on Facebook and that's also how I first met all my Boondock Saints friends. Also, it was the magnificent Wendy Shepherd who first suggested that I reach out to Paul J. Alessi. Paul and I have become good friends and are currently working on a couple projects together.

When are you going to make your music available to purchase?

I have been wanting to do this. The time has come where it needs to be done. Once I figure out all the legalities and such, I will make this happen asap. :)

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