Tey Barsky Tey Barsky
Tey Punsalan : Singer, Songwriter, Actress, Model.

A soul/pop singer, songwriter and performer, and multi-talented Philippines born, Chicago bred Los Angeles transplant quickly becoming known for her wide range of emotionally compelling roles in independent films, television productions and plays that have toured across the U.S.

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Tey's Officially Plugged In Interview:

Do you think it's beneficial to have both a website and social network account (MySpace, etc.)?
Tey: Definitely!

How many online outlets do you use to sell your music? Any one outlet you favor?
Tey: There are so many out there.. maybe over 60. Is it safe to mention one? :) itunes seems to be very popular.

Do you buy chocolate online? If yes, then where?
Tey: Haha.. that's very funny Wendy. and I have to say I have :) but mostly for other people. I love anything chocolate. Chocolate chip cookies, brownies, chocolate cake.. yum. Mrs. Beasley's is fun!

How has feedback been on your internet videos?
Tey: I'm truly blessed. Everyone's so wonderful and supportive in their own way.

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Tey's Latest News:

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Tey's Youtube Videos:

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