BDS II: Premiere – Paul J Alessi & Wendy Shepherd

My husband Michael and I went to the premiere screening of The BDS II in Los Angeles on October 28th of 2009 thanks to producer Chris Brinker and writer/director Troy .

As I stated on my Facebook when I posted photos: “It was a blast. Sean Patrick Flanery, Paul J Alessi, Amie Barsky, Chris Brinker, Troy and Angela knew I was coming to the premiere, but I got to surprise Norman Reedus, Clifton Collins Jr. Bob Rubin, Brian Mahoney and David Della Rocco. Ton of hugs were had. It was so cool to meet everyone finally after working with everyone online and through the phone. The movie was awesome! Such a fun ride.”

Actor/Producer (and friend :)) Paul J Alessi brought his flip cam and filmed the little video clip below from that windy night while we stood near the red carpet waiting for our other friends to finish so we could go inside and watch the movie for the 1st time…

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I only wish we had been able to get some film clips from the after party. My husband and I had such a fun time catching up with everyone… you can see more of the story and my photos that night – click here.

Stay tuned to Officially Plugged In for more video clips from the red carpet event by Paul J Alessi (who worked on BDS2 as epk/dvd field producer and more.)

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