Actor Anthony Ingruber Making American Film Festival Debut in ‘Last Minute’ at the Arizona Film and Media Expo

by Lynette Carrington

The 2nd Annual Arizona Film and Media Expo ( runs March 12th-13th, 2011 and will include a short film festival featuring many up-and-coming filmmakers. Anthony Ingruber stars in ‘Last Minute’, a film written and directed by Canadian Filmmaker, Jared Pelletier.

Actor Anthony Ingruber

The short film follows the heartbreaking final phone call made by a passenger on a doomed flight. It was a unique challenge creating the voiceover for ‘Last Minute’ as Jared Pelletier and Anthony Ingruber reside in different parts of the world. “Jared was very descriptive and had a clear idea of what the final product would look like,” Ingruber explained, “Jared gave me a rough idea of what the dialogue would contain and then let me alter it.”

As the film culminates in the inevitable events that forever changed American history, the viewer is only left with the haunting ‘Last Minute’ of an innocent life taken in the name of terrorism. “I had no way of achieving even a quarter of the emotion felt by those who lost their families that day, but I tried my best to empathize and imagine how incredibly hard that must have been,” stated Ingruber.

Filmmaker Jared Pelletier and Anthony Ingruber had worked together previously on another quality short film, ‘Reminiscence’. The pair now has a track record of making thought-provoking films and is optimistic that they will work together on future movie projects. Ingruber stated, “I think Jared is a fantastic young Director and his abilities to convey a story in such a short time frame surpass those of filmmakers twice his age.”

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