Interview With Jonathan Clay About His Music, New Project & Rolling Stone Cover Contest

Jonathan Clay is a singer, songwriter who I’ve known online for a long while. I first interviewed him back in 2006, which you can view here. I love listening to his music and wanted to make sure to catch up with him about his latest projects.

Wendy: Wow, can you believe the last time I interviewed you was back in 2006? I’m pretty proud of the way you’ve grown in your music career and you sound greater than ever! Music seems to be in your heart and soul and I know you love to share it with people.

When we talked back then, you mentioned that you did all of your own promotion and staying in touch with fans. Do you still do it all yourself? How long to you think you’ll be able to keep doing it?

Jonathan Clay: Yes, I still do most all of it myself, with a little help from a dear friend of mine. When I’m out on the road, there’s just no possible way I can keep up with it all so I’m very fortunate to have someone I trust to help me manage everything.

Wendy: It’s not just MySpace anymore, like it was back in 2006, now there’s Twitter, Facebook and more to keep up with. Which social network seems to be the best or most active for you and your music?

Jonathan Clay: I think each site has it’s own strength and weakness. I think the key now is just staying diversified, and keeping up with the changing trends.

Wendy: You had a second album come out since we last talked, and it has a wonderful sound. How has it been received compared to the first one? Or is it sort of a tie? What were some highlights?

Jonathan Clay: It’s been a growing process for me. I’ve learned alot about myself as a songwriter. I don’t think that album was necessarily a defining one for me, but I do believe it was a necessary stepping stone. I would say that it was well received, but my focus is now on what I want to say next.

Wendy: Since your two albums have been released, your music can be found in many places. What has been the most successful outlet for sales?

Jonathan Clay: Most definitely iTunes. By a landslide.

Wendy: Where else might people have heard or can hear your music..what television, movies, etc.?

Jonathan Clay: Sons of Anarchy, Grey’s Anatomy, and an upcoming movie titled LOL are a few of the recent big placements I’ve been fortunate enough to garner.

Wendy: Do you have any desires to appear on a television series or in a movie?

Jonathan Clay: I don’t believe so. All I know is that I love making music.

Wendy: When you came out with your second album, you changed your appearance. Do you expect to constantly change your ‘look’ for each project you work on?

Jonathan Clay: I don’t think its exactly something I make a conscious decision to do. It’s hard to say how I’ll be wearing my hair a year from now, but I won’t be revolving it around any kind of album release. It revolves more around my itch for a change.

Wendy: You have a fairly new project you started with a long-time friend of yours called the Jamestown Revival. What was Zach Chance doing prior to joining you and how did you both come up with the name?

Jonathan Clay: Zach had a solo career as well. He had not been doing it as long as I had, but he had already managed to make a good bit of noise. We came up with the name on a back porch in the middle of a thousand acres after a conversation about a longing for a simpler time…

Wendy: I saw your exciting news of the Jamestown Revival getting selected for the Rolling Stone Cover Contest. How did that happen? Looked like you might make it to Round 2.

Jonathan Clay: Someone put Jamestown Revival in front of them and they thought we would add an interesting element to the competition. We didn’t end up making it to round two, but the exposure was amazing, and we’re just grateful for the opportunity.

Wendy: You were doing a tour where you’d visit people in their homes for an in-house concert; are you still doing that type of thing? Do yo have a funny or bizarre story from one of your in-house shows?

Jonathan Clay: Luckily, we never ran in to any bizarre situations, and we’ve got some really cool fans. We are trying to move back towards venue shows at this point, but i think house shows are something we’ll always do from time to time.

Wendy: When and where will you be starting the Jamestown Revival tour?

Jonathan Clay: Our next tour will start late May out of California.

Wendy: I’m know we’ll have to talk again in the future as things progress! Thanks for taking time out for those who love your music, including me!

Jonathan Clay: Thank you so much for the interview and the continued support! It’s greatly appreciated 🙂

You can check out the official website and social networks of Jonathan Clay – click here