Adam and Jan talk about Walt Disney’s Pirates, Peter Facinelli’s Accidentally in Love, and more

Jan and Adam work in the entertainment industry doing toy design, original art, product development, and creative writing. They’ve had a lot of projects going on, so I thought it was definitely time to catch up with their latest …

Wendy: So what ‘s been going on? What exciting projects have you been doing?

Phantom Creations: We had the amazing opportunity to work with The Walt Disney Company on a project regarding their Pirates reference library. Our main focus within this project revolved around the Pirates action figures, play-sets, and role-play toys. We loved collaborating with such an incredible team of toy designers in helping to keep an archive of everything Pirates related.

Wendy: When can we see the creations of the The Walt Disney Company Pirates reference library?

Phantom Creations: The Pirates reference library will most likely only be available to Walt Disney employees. However, we’re not sure what they have planned for that project in the future.

Wendy: What were your roles in the creations?

Phantom Creations: While employed at Disney, Adam was the Art Director for the Pirates franchise. He was responsible for overseeing the line for the first three films from concept to final production. His nickname became ‘The Pirate Guy’ so even today when someone has a Pirate question or needs conceptual art advice regarding the franchise they call upon him. Disney asked Adam to consult with them on his past experience with the product line. He was also able to catalog a majority of the products.

Wendy: You also mentioned a film project that Phantom Creations was working on, what are some of the details?

Phantom Creations: Another favorite project of ours was working with the production team of Hallmark’s Accidentally in Love (written by Peter Facinelli and starring Jennie Garth, Ethan Erickson, Fred Willard, Marilu Henner, Dannika Northcott, and Zack Ward). We created the concept design of the character Mulligan which was then made into the life-sized costume the actor wore throughout the shoot.

Wendy: How did you both get attached to the show Accidentally in Love?
Did you get to hang out on set during the production?

Phantom Creations: We have worked with the Hallmark production company in the past so whenever their art department needs specific or original artwork they contact us. Adam will then create something according to their need. We toured one of their production studios and it is amazing. Adam was on set one day during the filming of Accidentally in Love and spent the day clowning around with Zack Ward. He says the cast and crew were all a hoot. Our past projects with Hallmark have been Ice Dreams, The Three Gifts, and A Stranger’s Heart. We were able to spend an evening on set for The Three Gifts on Dean Cain’s birthday, but we missed meeting him by 10 minutes.

Wendy: What other goodies have you had your creative hands into?

Phantom Creations: Recently we have been commissioned by a few bands to create cover art for their upcoming album releases. We have had the pleasure of meeting some incredibly talented people while teaming with individuals, businesses, and entertainers in helping to design their social networking profiles. This year we will be working closely with various entertainers in helping them launch their apparel lines.

We are pleased to have the opportunity to work with a non-profit humanitarian organization in assisting them with video narrative for their upcoming fund raising campaign.

And, currently we are taking orders for our original art cardboard paintings.

Wendy: Can you mention any of the names of the bands you’ve done the cover art for?

Phantom Creations: We created the entire design for Blueroom’s Down on the Farm CD. We are currently collaborating with them on their upcoming album.

Wendy: When you consider the apparel lines, what sources are you thinking of using for producing/selling the apparel?

Phantom Creations: When it comes to apparel, we work on the entire look of the line from a design standpoint. It is up to the individual(s) to handle manufacturing and distribution. Our favorite apparel project to date was working with a group of San Diego breast cancer survivors for their charity event.

Wendy: Besides the wonderful piece of cardboard art you gave me (Peter Facinelli / Twilight: Dr. Cullen) what other pieces have been created?

Phantom Creations: The cardboard art pieces go like hot cakes. Currently we only have two available, however we do accept commissions. The ones we have in office are Leatherface and a Pirate. In the past, Adam has also painted everything from the Blues Brothers, to Ghostbuster’s Slimer, and even an ice cream eating yeti. Pretty much anything goes. However, both of us still love the Dr. Cullen painting.

Thanks Jan & Adam! You can check out the official video, website and social networks to see more of the Phantom Creations – click here.