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    Interview with actor Delpaneaux Wills

    Delpaneaux Wills is an US actor, raised in Sierra Leone West Africa. Upon his return to the states, a teenage Delpaneaux struggled with his love of 3 things; football, acting and medicine. In the end, acting won out! Since then Delpaneaux had acted on stage...

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  • tom-kiesche

    Interview with Tom Kiesche

      Tom Kiesche didn’t start his career in the entertainment world but instead in the corporate world, working for a Fortune 500 company. After a spur of the moment performance at an improv club, Tom decided a new career path was in order. Since than,...

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  • cata9tales-interview-2012

    Officially Plugged In Interview with Cata9Tales

    Jan (OPI): Welcome to Officially Plugged In, Berkley. Berkley Priest (Cata9Tales): Thank you. Always a pleasure. Jan (OPI): In the past eleven months you have met Kreator (Kenny Perkins), created Cata9Tales, released two albums, garnered an international fan base, and have played live shows alongside...

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  • steve-cardenas-x

    Interview With Steve Cardenas

    Wendy: When you decided to take up Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, where did you first train? Steve Cardenas: When this kid off the street named Mike Ortiz, a blue belt under Rickson Gracie now a black belt, came into my 1st dojo I ever ran and basically...

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    Interview With Actor Kurt Yaeger

    Kurt Yaeger started his career as a pro BMX rider. After a tragic accident left him an amputee, Kurt endured a year long recovery and turned his attention to his first passion; acting. He has starred in such films as Knife Fight with Rob Lowe,...

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  • Drew1ss

    Interview With Drew Henriksen About His Books

    Drew Henriksen is an actor, author, screenwriter and stuntman. He holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Medical Technology/Biomedical, a Master of Science degree in Immunology / Medical Biology, and a Post Masters Certification in Science Education. He’s just released his 3rd book in a...

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  • trey-moore2b

    Interview with Actor and Writer Trey Moore

    Actor Trey Moore is a South Carolina native who was named one of Cosmopolitan Magazine’s bachelors of the year, beating out thousands of hunks from his home state. He has appeared on the Today Show, Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition, Playboy Radio and E! News. Trey...

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  • feanix

    Interview with Dancer and Model Christy “Feanix” Poole

    Christy “Feanix” Poole is a model and Tribal Fusion Bellydancer. She has trained in the art of Belly Dance for more than ten years. Find out what Feanix has been up to in the interview below with questions by Crash, Mandy, and myself… Crash: Who...

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    Danielle Nicolet Interview about the Syfy Red Faction: Origins movie and more

    Danielle Nicole will be in the upcoming Red Faction: Origins movie on the Syfy channel June 4 at 9pm. Mandy talks with Daniel about the movie and more below… Mandy: What led you to acting? You originally started training as a gymnast and than decided...

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  • frederic-doss-2011-interview-2

    Frederic Doss Interview : The Transformers, Humans Versus Zombies and more!

    Frederic Doss is an actor who has appeared in the Transformers movie as Lt. Frederic Doss, in the comedy Coyote County Loser as Lyle Granger, the G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra movie and many more upcoming films. I figured it was time to cover...

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