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James Cullen Bressack : Writer | Director | Producer

The youngest child of two show business veterans (his father, Gordon Bressack, is a three time Emmy award-winning writer of such shows as Pinky & The Brain and Animaniacs, his mother, Ellen Gerstell, has given voice to dozens of cartoon characters) James grew up learning about the business and obsessed with genre films.

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... at the age of 18 with his first feature My Pure Joy. Released by Media Blasters on their Fresh Meat Shriek Show label in 2012, the film quickly rose to the top of the best sellers list on Amazon.com in the horror category. His second feature, Hate Crime garnered him multiple BEST PICTURE and BEST DIRECTOR awards on the festival circuit in 2012.

Beside directing his own films, Bressack has helped to bring the work of other indie horror film directors to light by producing a series of horror anthologies.

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