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- PATH 4: Purchase actor memorabilia.

During your email exchanges with the actor, you feel you are becoming closer to them. At some point, the actor offers you the opportunity to purchase some memorabilia they have for a movie, or television show in which they once starred.

You feel a certain sense of obligation to purchase this actor’s memorabilia to show you are a big supporter of theirs. When you provide your financial information to make the purchase, you cease to receive any additional emails from the actor. You begin to wonder what happened to them and one day you discover that your bank account has been emptied by the person purporting to be an actor.

There is the off chance you could have purchased and actually received the merchandise you ordered, but you discover it to be extremely over-priced and also realize the merchandise isn’t even authentic.

The most worrisome situation would be where you start to realize this person portraying them self to be the real deal has actually obtained your personal information and not only discontinues communicating with you, but you start to notice weird information and accounts that show up on your credit reports. You have unknowingly become the victim of identity theft.


Consider pulling back the cloak of the internet by knowing for sure whom you are conversing with BEFORE you start.

The scenario you chose didn’t end well and you may have lost ‘TIME’; ‘PRIVACY’; ‘MONEY’, your ‘IDENTITY’ or even your ‘LIFE’.

People in the public eye, including celebrities, have folks pretending to be them all of the time. While this may be flattering to some, it can be dangerous and reckless considering the damage and harm it can cause others. How do you protect yourself?

Isn’t it better to ‘see’ and ‘hear’ these folks tell you where to you can really find them on the internet, rather than take a chance on impersonators? was created to display ‘real’ people in the public eye. Each person also has an interview and links to their Official websites or spots online. These folks believe in helping to keep people safe. This resource both helps to protect the actual actor and you, the fan, to ensure you know which internet site is in fact the actor’s and not an imitation. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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