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From the halls of Marvel Comics as a mutant editorial intern to the heights of the Flatiron designing book covers and straight on through newsrooms as an art director, Anthony Schiavino has seen action and then some. Pounding away at the keyboard, working well into the night, he mixes his love of old hard-boiled stories, hopeless romance and black and white movie dialogue like a good stiff drink.

Sergeant Zero, is represented by DHS Literary, Inc. and rock star agent David Hale Smith.

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I thought since Anthony is currently offering his Sergeant Zero comic for free right now (click here), I'd ask him a few questions about comics and his writing preferences...

How do you think the internet is most changing the comic book world?

It makes life much easier to promote and or broadcast your work. More tools are available today outside along with just being more connected. Content is no longer limited to the printed page but is now on the desktop, a tablet, and your phone. The landscape is rapidly evolving yet unfortunately so is the divide. The more successful creators are embracing the future without forsaking the past.

Are you using comic book related motion graphic or other tools?

No I'm not. I've said this since day one. If I want to watch a movie I'll watch a movie. If I want to read a comic, or book, I want to read a comic. The only difference should be the media it's on. There are ways to embellish and take advantage of the technology and I guess motion comics have their place but it's not something I've ever considered. However, in terms of promoting the property...people should go all out. It's only been a recent development to promote comics like movies because they're in movies but I was part of projects that did some of this a good decade ago.

What are some of the best internet sites for comic lovers?

It really depends. It's not a question of there are so many and deflecting a response but the internet is vast. There are news, publisher, and or creator websites. It depends on your tastes. Comics aren't just about superheroes.

With me, while I do read and write them, I more so frequent movie or screenplay type sites. They're more of an influence on my work than comic books. I really have no interest in arguing why Character A did something not true to their character in Q-Team 8. There's a time and a place for it but much of it is why there's such a stigma. Maybe it's just my design background or professional background but I'm interested in the process and the creators more so than any title out there.

What type of writing do you prefer?

I read a wide range of genres and I watch even more movies/television series. But no matter what I write, no matter what kind of subject matter, I pull a little of what I wrote in my This I Believe into the mix. (

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