Sean Patrick Flanery talks videos, Young and the Restless, Donut, BJJ and more

Sean Patrick Flanery is an actor most known for his lead roles in BDS 1 & 2, Saw 3D, and The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones. Some folks still don’t know that he was the character of Powder in the movie “Powder“.

Sean has been pretty busy with some fun projects, so I felt it was time to do an interview with him …

Wendy: You were involved in a couple of high profile videos lately; FunnyorDie‘s St. Patrick’s Day GREEN BEER BREWERY comedy video and The Black Keys HOWLIN’ FOR YOU music video dressed up to look like a movie trailer. How did you get involved with them? Did you have any part in writing the video dialog?

Sean Patrick Flanery: No, Funny or Die contacted me and asked if I would like to be a part of their St. Patrick’s Day sketch and I said “of course”. Same with the Black Keys. They just asked. I had a BALL on both..!!

Wendy: You’ve been doing a lot of different conventions and events, which seem like they have their own culture. How important do you think it is for an actor to attend events like the Comic & Horror conventions?

Sean Patrick Flanery: I think it’s a great opportunity for the people to see that you’re just a regular guy. I find it wonderful to meet the fans. I have yet to not have a wonderful experience.

Wendy: You’ll be a part of the Young and the Restless daytime TV show starting April 18th. What drew you to the character of the “salt o’ the earth country veterinarian named Sam”? Will your sweet dog Donut have a role on the show?

Sean Patrick Flanery: The character seems logical and down to earth, of average means. Sort of a departure from normal “filthy rich” characters. I certainly HOPE if a dog is on the show it will be Donut.

Wendy: You told me about a mini-series called Blackout that you’ll be filming simultaneously right now (with James Brolin, Anne Heche, Billy Zane, Eric LaSalle). What is the series about and when will it air? Can you tell me about your character Frank Strickland?

Sean Patrick Flanery: It is about cyber terrorism in LA and the entire electrical grid is shut down. SO….. everything is shot at night. That means working from 7pm to 7am..!!! James Brolin is cool as balls..!!!

Wendy: What is something of value that you’ve learned about lately?

Sean Patrick Flanery: That the growth on Donut’s belly is benign..!!!

Wendy: Oh my goodness! She is such a sweetie, so glad to know it’s benign!!

*Who has inspired you recently?

Sean Patrick Flanery: My parents. Everyday.

Wendy: You have your own martial arts academy called Hollywood Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and I’ve noticed the instructional videos you’ve been filming. How did you get involved in the Sherdog BJJ training videos? Do you still find people are shocked that you are into martial arts (besides acting) and where can the best pizza be found?!? : )

Sean Patrick Flanery: They just asked me and I was happy to do the videos. Yes, people are shocked when they hear you have time for a 2nd passion. The best pizza in LA, without question, is at Madeo.

Wendy: Thanks Sean! I hope everyone learned a lot about your latest endeavors. See below to see the BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) training videos… the last one is what prompted the question about the pizza! πŸ™‚

*NOTE: Sean has a new movie called In/Sight that will be showing at the Newport Beach Film Festival on April 30 & May 5. Trailer | Photos & Tickets