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  • BDS II: Premiere – Paul J Alessi & Wendy Shepherd

    Tweet My husband Michael and I went to the premiere screening of The BDS II in Los Angeles on October 28th of 2009 thanks to producer Chris Brinker and writer/director Troy . As I stated on my Facebook when I posted photos: “It was a […]

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  • Savage Beauty Opening Night Celebrity Photos (Exclusive)

    Tweet It’s a world of dark alleys that reek of gasoline, perfume and trouble. This is the intro message to Car-Noir where you’ll find original art by James Owens, who held his SAVAGE BEAUTY gallery opening at Gasoline on April 10. Celebrities who had Noir […]

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  • About Officially Plugged In

    Tweet Every idea has a beginning and this site started when I began experiencing problems with fake and poser profiles online. About Officially Plugged In I was helping a couple of film producers with their online movie sites and social networks. One of the projects […]

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