Frederic Doss interview covering Transformers, GI Joe and more

Touching base with actor/producer Frederic Doss, I decided to do an interview with him. He was one of the first people to be showcased on my Officially Plugged In {view} website since last year. He’s gone from appearing in the Transformers movie to having a part in the new G.I. Joe film. He’s also a sweet guy. On to the interview…

What was your first experience with acting and how do you feel you’ve grown since that time?

I took a drama class in high school to impress a girl. It didn’t woo her, but it did help me find something I loved. I left it behind to pursue other things, got married, had kids, served in the military; so I’ve done a LOT of growing up since then.

You had the opportunity to be in the Transformers movie, did you learn any lessons or get any advice from anyone on the cast/crew?

Mainly the crew. I had so many great times with folks like Mike Burmeister and Kate Chase from locations, Steve Mann from picture cars, Joey Digaetano and Steve Galich from F/X and of course Sally Jackson from casting. The most influential person advice-wise was definitely Glenn Morshower. He was phenomenal. Glenn took me and actor Charlie Bodin under his wing, showed us his “Extra Mile” and was VERY supportive of both of us. I don’t think I would have made the choice to BE and actor if not for Glenn.

Has your role in the Transformers movie helped your acting career?

Of course. When someone drops a bone in your lap the size of TF you run with the sucker.

Did you get to attend the premiere of Transformers?

Not in Los Angeles, but they did a premier at Holloman AFB. Michael Bay made a surprise appearance, said some great stuff about my performance and I hit him up for another gig. He hasn’t called yet, but he will. :)

You recently had the role of Lyle Granger in the Coyote County Loser film. How did you get involved with this film?

It was an open casting call in Roswell, New Mexico. I found it on and drove the 2.5 hours out to Roswell from Alamogordo and the rest is history.

Can you tell me a bit about Double Negative? Was it hard getting the project going as a producer of the film?

Double Negative was a very fun shoot. I got to do some cool action stuff like a roof-top chase scene and choreographed fighting. My part as producer was mainly helping to put people together. Most of the credit on that one goes to Robert Spencer.

You have a part in the upcoming G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra movie. How did the filming of that go? Did anything memorable happen on the film set?

Very cool, though I can’t talk about it. What I can say was that I got to meet some neat folks, such as Ken Thomas who I will be working with on upcoming projects.

Do you plan to go to the premiere of G.I. Joe?

I haven’t been invited, so probably not. I’ll probably pay for a ticket just like everyone else.

Now, you are expanding your areas of expertise and working on your own script. Tell me a bit about it and who you would like to have roles in it.

The script is very hip. In short, it’s about a rock-and-rolling super-soldier. I’ve got some definites in mind, such as Ken Thomas and pro-wrestler Kris Katera as well as someone fairly famous in the world of comics in the form of Ruby Rocket. I’d like to get Glenn on board as well as Tom Savini…possibly even Mike Judge. There is another famous person we’re writing into the script, but I don’t want to give too much away until we’re ready.

Anything else coming up from your mixing pot of planned projects?

Lot’s of auditions out here with Texas just passing it’s new film incentives. I’ve been trying not to talk about projects until they develop lately. Too many disappointments in this business. I am going to be working on a series of shorts with a talented director here in Tyler, TX coming up.

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