Bernard Robichaud is an a man of many talents from writing, acting to stand up comedy. He is mainly known for his role of Cyrus in the hit TV Show/Movies “The Trailer Park Boys” and will be reprising his role in the upcoming third feature film. Bernard also has a recurring role of the SyFy show, “Haven”. Bernard recently discussed these projects and more with us.

Bernard Robichaud

Mandy: You’ve been busy, working on several projects, including another Trailer Park Boys feature, what can you tell us about that and what role Cyrus will play in that?

Bernard: The new Trailer Park Boys feature I can’t disclose any info on that, we don’t start filming until mid march, but my role will be the same as always, cause trouble for the boys or them me.

Mandy: You also have been working on the SyFy show Haven, in the recurring role of Kirk, how has the experience of filming been?

Bernard: Working on Haven has been a wonderful experience. I’ve been very fortunate to work with very giving actors and an equally giving crew. I hope the character continues of course but only time will tell.

Mandy: You are filming a role on the HBO Canada show Don’t Call Me Fitz, as an American, I have to be honest, I’m unfamiliar with the show, can you explain the show and what your role will be in it?

Bernard: Call Me Fitz is a dramedy about a salesman who is morally bankrupt, played by Jason Priestly, who becomes partners with his inner self, to become and or make Fitz a better person, all be it one disaster after another. My role I can’t talk about at the moment. It is a principal but non recurring character in the half hour show. Again a question for perhaps next year?

Mandy: Your screenplay, Kitchen Sports is set to start filming next year, how is that coming along?

Bernard: At present Kitchen Sports is looking for another producer, after much consideration I concluded that the direction it was taking wasn’t the one I had intended and I went back to the drawing board and gained some insight from some close friends on what was truly missing, rewrote the screenplay to reflect what I had originally intended, and I recently completed the newest draft. In my opinion it’s better than it’s ever been.

Mandy: Do you prefer writing or acting?

Bernard: I’m not sure I prefer either writing or acting, they both serve a purpose in my life and my growth as an actor and being, I hope that nothing prevents me from doing either.

Mandy: Are you currently writing anything else?

Bernard: At present I have another screenplay I’m working on, yes, Woman Scorned, I won’t be telling you anything about it at the present time, perhaps it’s for a later interview with a question about Trailer Park Boys 3? LOL I am always writing and tweaking my Cyrus Show, it continues to evolve, I guess that’s what comedy does.

Mandy: Any interest in directing in the future?

Bernard Robichaud

Bernard: You know I guess if the right project came along I would certainly like to try my hand at directing, I guess my only fear would be whether I have the ability to be understanding enough for each actor and my crew and their needs, and whether I have the tolerance or the patients to be a good Director. I know I can act because when I asked to do something, I interpret and do it. I guess unless I had the opportunity I may never know the answer as far as Directing is concerned.

Mandy: You’ve toured doing stand up, any plans for more tours in the future? What or who inspires your comedy?

Bernard: I will continue to tour with the Cyrus Show, Who Needs Grade 10? I’m A Public Speecher. I’m out in Western Canada in Feb. 2013, there is talk now about a tour in the USA for April and May, venues will be announced in the near future, and I’ve been contacted recently by a promoter in Germany to do the UK and selected European countries.

Mandy: What would your dream project be?

Bernard: My dream job, would love to play Stanley Kowalski on screen, play a role in a remake of On The Waterfront, something like that.

Mandy: Any other projects that you are working on that you can share with us?

Bernard: Nothing more to report at the moment, some projects and ideas circulating in space, but nothing confirmed as yet and I don’t like jinxing myself with talk of maybes, or possibilities. Keep in touch and I’ll keep you posted, how’s that sound?

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Interview by @Mandy302