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I learned to appreciate all things action at a young age by sneaking into the room while my two older brothers watched action/horror movies. I've created my own website, actionchickflick.com , where I can share my love of action films with everyone. I also have a few skits and interviews on youtube. I appeared on a Viewer Army segment of Attack of the Show and was crowned G4's Next Woman of the Web.

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When did you first get started on the internet?

Katrina: I'm still fairly new. I first started in the summer of '08 posting weekly reviews on Rocketllama.com. I first branched into my own site in January of last year.

How many websites do you own and which is most popular?

Katrina: Between me and my associates, we own 8 websites. My main site, actionflickchick.com, is the most popular..

What do you think people should know about online entertainment websites?

Katrina: There's more than just porn and lol cats out there! There is an ass kicking woman just waiting to entertain you (a.k.a. me)!

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Action Flick Chick
AFC Classic: Most Addictive Video Game? And the Most Annoying?
04/21/2014 01:32 PM
ActionChick: Most addictive video game? 5THWDLOGO: All MGS. mainly Metal Gear sons of the patriot ___ notmikestark: Counter Strike… or Everquest (aka EverCRACK) 815k1 815k1: Alex the kid, jenken with…... READ MORE

AFC Classic: Resident Evil: Afterlife Review
04/14/2014 10:52 AM
When a movie promises multiple ass kicking Milla Jovoviches, you can bet your balls that I’ll be first in line to see it. I would kill a hobgoblin, ride a…... READ MORE

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2 Pies One Face
02/28/2014 07:02 PM
Thanks to the generous pledges towards getting the kickstarter for the graphic novel, Kill the Freshman, funded, I got to hit Alex Langley (@Rocketllama) wit...
Views: 765
12 ratings
Time: 03:27 More in Entertainment

The Cape Creator: Batman's Co-Creator Bill Finger (Kickstarter)
02/14/2014 03:19 AM
Bill Finger is the uncredited co-creator of Batman. In 2014, we celebrate the 100th anniversary of his birth, 75th anniversary of Batman's first appearance, ...
Views: 96
5 ratings
Time: 03:25 More in Entertainment

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