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YOU NEED to have a website or social network profile. Don't have one? » Contact Studio Matrix
You also need to be able to prove in one way or another that you are in the public eye with a talent(s), on IMDB, etc. This site isn't just for anyone. If you have any question about whether you should be showcased, contact us at website @ .

YOU NEED to make an intro video.

Within the video you should say:

( » See Example )

You can mention anything else you like. *You don' t need to add anything else to the video, you don't need to hold up a sign or anything like that... Officially Plugged In will edit your video to include a bar at the bottom with your official website address throughout the video along with the logo seal of approval. Credits will be added at the end of the video, which will include your name and website address with the last credit being for so that other sites can’t steal these videos and use them as if they had the rights to them.

Things to keep in mind when creating your video: try not to wear shades or hats that hide part of your identity and wear your hair like people are used to seeing you in photos. Make sure your video is clear and light.

*NOTE: If there are problems with editing your video due to it needing to be converted, you may be asked to resubmit your video in another format. Right now most .mov , .mpg , .wmv formats have been editable.


Here is what you need to send in to get showcased and verified...

- Send in your intro video displayed (Great to use for verification purposes across ALL social networks!! Helpful for fans.)

* To send your video, upload it to and email it or send direct to website @ .

- Send in your photo for display (like a headshot type photo)
- Send in your short bio
- Send in your email (and phone if possible)
- Send links to your official websites & social networks
- Send agent/manager info, their phone number, their business address... info that can help verify you. Your contact info will remain private. If there is any problem with your video and none of the verifiable info is included, your video may not be accepted.

* Since it's free to have a page set up for you, it may take some time, so please be patient.
If you want to expedite the process, offer a $250.00 donation below and your profile will be blasted across all social media and other possible opportunities...

* You are allowed a reasonable update of video and/or bio + photo + links (please send a donation below... )

Proudly display the Officially Plugged In logo seal of approval on your website or social network profile. Right click you mouse over the box below to copy and paste this code to your Blog, MySpace, Facebook, etc: (You can link to your Officially Plugged In profile page once it's set up. This will be useful for when people email and ask if your social profile is run by the 'real person'.

Officially Plugged In

Officially Plugged In

Change and/or update a showcased verified page:

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