Adam Dunstan Adam Dunstan
Adam Dunstan : Actor, Musician.

He recorded his first album CROSSING FINGERS to sell at shows, shot his first music video, acted in a few films including his first feature film DEATH PERCEPTION, went on tour to promote the album. He is currently the lead acoustic player in the band DarkHorse, and recording a live acoustic album with Singer/Songwriter/Producer David Pearsoll.

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Do you seem to network through your website or MySpace more?
Adam: I definitely use myspace, just because it is where most people seem to write me, and there are pics and videos there of what/how people are doing.

For your latest news, do family and friends check website or talk to you direct?
Adam: I suppose my mother and best friends call when they can, but mostly people communicate through my own site, or

What do you think of the idea of selling music online?
Adam: I think that when you purchase a physical album, you get the arrangement the musician wanted and their views on life. That being said, online is here and people need to embrace and expand on all sides of music making and taking.

Do you dance to your own music?
Adam: Ha! I do when I can. I usually like to dance to some great Daft Punk, even Feist, but I do enjoy pulling out my girl and getting other people in the mood.

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