Sean Patrick Flanery in Citizen Jane Movie

I was able to talk with Sean Patrick Flanery (Young Indiana Jones, Powder) this week and he has been busy shooting a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie named “Citizen Jane“. Sean plays the killer, Tom O’Donnell.

Citizen Jane is a true story based on the book by James Dalessandro. Here’s a bit about the story…

Tom O’Donnell had been living off the graces of Jane Alexander for six years. He regaled her with his wit, charm, and tales of oversea adventure. He also borrowed money extensively for home business operations and future investments. But Tom O’Donnell was more than just a con man. He would do anything for money–even murder Jane’s 88-year-old aunt. After he fled with over $10,000 of her money, Jane was determined to put him behind bars and succeeded. She then went on to assist in the solving of 20 more cold case murders.

CBS ran coverage of the Citizen Jane story here.

According to Sean, a director of the Dead Zone, Armand Mastroianni, contacted him about the role.

As stated on April 15, 2009 by the San Francisco Chronicle: “– Exterior scenes for James Dalessandro’s true crime story, “Citizen Jane,” are being filmed here this week for a Hallmark Channel movie of the week. Shooting started Tuesday at Crissy Field and moved to Pacific Heights. The leading lady is Ally Sheedy, Sean Patrick Flanery plays the leading man, and Jon Polito and Meat Loaf are police officers.”

Sean also mentioned that Meat Loaf is hysterical to work with.

*You’ll be able to watch the Citizen Jane movie on the Hallmark Channel periodically… look for local show-times in your area.

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