Sean Patrick Flanery Targeted In Deadly Impact Movie

Deadly Impact” was just released on DVD! Sean Patrick Flanery has the role of Tom Armstrong, a police officer who becomes personally targeted by character David Kaplow (Joe PantolianoCypher from The Matrix) who’s a  murdering maniac with no regard for human life. Tom ends up leaving to take a break from his career, but is enticed to return to help the FBI track down David (nicknamed The Lion) .. though we know he wants revenge for terrorizing him. It’s a mighty task since Tom has to crack the murdering mastermind’s identity and seeks to stop his plans of killing lots of people within a limited time-frame.

So, let’s see what this movie has:

Action?  (Sean got to use some of his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu experience here for stunts)
Hot Scenes?

I remember back when Sean Patrick Flanery was filming the movie “Deadly Impact”, which was then called “To Live And Die” at the time. While speaking via phone, Sean mentioned one of the scenes he had to do, which I won’t spoil by telling you, however.. you’ll see it within the first part of the movie… it’s an intense scene and it’s what draws you into the rest of the story.

“Deadly Impact” kept me glued to it from beginning to end with some surprising scenes and an unpredictable story. The movie was directed by special effects guru, Robert Kurtzman, who did a wonderful job with this movie and picked great sound choices. I remember when talking to Robert online, I was able to see a photo of Sean and cast/crew on set, which you’ll find in the photos below.

See photos from the “Deadly Impact” Film and from On Set

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