Sean Patrick Flanery’s Interview About Donut – ARF Calendar

Sean Patrick Flanery is part of a group of celebrities who took part in the making of the new ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation) calendar fundraiser. I thought it would be fun to have Sean interviewed so he could share some doggie tales about his beloved dog, Donut. My 15 year old son came up with the interview questions and we just love Sean’s answers below…

First, Sean explains a little about Donut:

Sean: I got Donut from the pound. She’s a mix of Ridgeback, Mastiff, Boxer, and Pit. To me, she’s just a brown dog. Simply put, the best dog I’ve ever met. I seriously won the doggy lottery with Donut. She’s perfect. The day I got Donut, I fetched her a coupla’ sausage kolache’s. I got myself a coupla’ old fashioned buttermilk glazed donuts. Believe it or not, she wouldn’t even touch the sausage’s. She gobbled the donut’s though!!!!! I named her Donut right there. She travels everywhere with me. Everywhere.

How old is Donut?

Sean: She is TEN years young..!!!!

Can Donut do any tricks?

Sean: Yes. I can put a hot dog on the ground next to an Oreo and tell her to “eat supper”, and she will gobble the hot dog and go back to sit down to wait for me to say “eat dessert” before touching the Oreo. …pretty damn good, huh??? Also, she can play dead when I shoot her with my finger, AND… I can put a snack on her nose while she’s sitting and tell her to wait, and she will just sit there with a treat on her nose not even flinching… until I say “get it”. She then flicks it off her nose and catches it in MID-AIR…!!!!

What BJJ belt is Donut at the Hollywood Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy?

Sean: Donut is a black belt who has been slowly absorbing BJJ from ten years of being mat side during class.

Does Donut have any weird habits?

Sean: She always has to be touching me in bed, so if I move away an inch, she’ll move an inch over to me. By morning, I’m half off my Cal-King bed and she’s sprawled out diagonally across the bed with part of her body still touching me. HUGE bed hog..!!!

What movies has Donut been in with you?

Sean: Insatiable, Crystal River, and cameo’s in countless others.

Below is a video of Donut in training for her Oreo, from a year ago… (if you can’t see the video, go here to view it)

Below Sean’s photo is the information about ARF’s 2011 Celebrity Pet Calendar

Give pets a starring role all year long with ARF’s 2011 Celebrity Pet Calendar!

ARF’s 2011 calendar features twelve months of engaging celebrities, beginning and ending with five-time Academy Award nominee, actress Glenn Close. The familiar faces of five-time boxing champion Sugar Ray Leonard, television host and international correspondent Lisa Ling, and actor Joe Mantegna of CBS’s Criminal Minds also appear. Sports fans will recognize Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry, NASCAR driver Ryan Newman, and New York Yankees outfielder Nick Swisher. Rounding out the star lineup are actor Sean Patrick Flanery, Twilight actress Christian Serratos, country music singer-songwriter Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum, Divorce Court’s Judge Lynn Toler, and Dancing with the Stars judge Carrie Ann Inaba.

*Get your copy of the calendar at the ARF website here.