Interview with Dancer and Model Christy “Feanix” Poole

Christy “Feanix” Poole is a model and Tribal Fusion Bellydancer. She has trained in the art of Belly Dance for more than ten years. Find out what Feanix has been up to in the interview below with questions by Crash, Mandy, and myself…

Crash: Who in the field of paranormal research would you most like to sit down with and get to learn from?

Feanix: Dave Tango, I met him briefly and he and Steve were super nice. I would love to pick their brains…sorry that was 2. XD

Crash: When will you next be gracing a stage with your presence for a show?

Feanix: Looks like the next big show is June 11 for the Dance Concert. : )

Crash: What has been the most life changing experience so far in the realm of dance and your investigation into the paranormal?

Feanix: For Dance, is when I first took a big stage and got a standing ovation.

For Paranormal, is probably when I saw my grandmother standing in my bedroom weeks after she passed. I was so intrigued.

Crash: Where can people go to see your modeling work?

Feanix: I have some on my page but the majority are on my model Mayhem and ModelURL which are linked from my website.

Mandy: You have a new venture P.O.I. Jax, tell us about that?

Feanix: Paranormal Outcast Investigations was created in order to research others that are having paranormal experiences. We are all fully equipped and willing to check out any and all strange phenomena from ghosts to bigfoot to UFO’s. We are all eager to catch some tangible evidence on tape.

Mandy: Have you always been interested in the paranormal? Was their a certain experience in your life that reinforced that belief?

Feanix: Well, when I was younger I had an experience with some ‘thing’ outside my window, it stuck with me to adult life and through the years I experienced other things like voices, being touched, seeing dead relatives and so on. I thought I was crazy until I saw others who had the same experiences. After talking with friends over drinks P.O.I. was born and we have been going strong ever since.

Mandy: What would be your dream location to investigate?

Feanix: Some are actually falling into our laps, like Sloss Furnace and The Stanley Hotel. My hope is to hit Waverly Hills and the institution in Penn state as well. I love the creepy old hospitals and I want to go to as many as I can. : )

Mandy: What has been your scariest experience so far?

Feanix: Scariest was being kicked down the stairs while carrying equipment. I literally said “don’t mess with me” and I felt a swift kick to me leg behind my knees that threw me forward…luckily I was almost to the bottom so I didn’t get hurt too bad.

Mandy: What has been the location with the most paranormal activity?

Feanix: A residential home here in town has had a lot of activity, even to the effect of our crew member going out cold and weighing tons. We threw her into the dirt to ‘ground’ her and the earth shook outward like a small blast had taken place. Others had experiences of being touched, we caught EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) and caught a decoration being pulled off the ceiling on video.

Mandy: What locations are you looking forward to that are on your agenda?

Feanix: Sloss Furnace with the Ghost Hunters and then Stanley Hotel for my birthday.

Mandy: Last year you coordinated the Jacksonville Zombie Walk, will you be doing that again? How was that experience?

Feanix: The last experience was great! I would love to do it again but my schedule is so tight these days.

Mandy: You are an accomplished Tribal fusion Belly Dancer, how has that been going?

Feanix: It has been going great! I have a new troupe of ladies that are amazing and our groove is awesome. I am hoping to meet up with local dancers and set up a festival of arts.

Mandy: You also model, any new projects on that front?

Feanix: Just finished a video shoot for Marion Crane and a shoot for P.O.I. as well ( Have a post apocalyptic shoot coming up in the next few weeks.

Wendy: Has anything weird ever happened at a Belly Dancing event?

Feanix: I tend to deflect all negativity while dancing but I did have an experience where I was walking to the stage and I heard “Feanix, go get em girl” but nobody was around. I just smiled and took the stage.

Wendy: Have you taught or thought of teaching Belly Dancing? What about through online live video or through instructional videos?

Feanix: I teach every Wednesday but may be branching off into online as well soon…if the demand is high.

Wendy: Is there a particular person that you would like to Belly Dance for or who you’d want to go on a Paranormal investigation with?

Feanix: I would love to dance with/for The Indigo (Rachel Brice, Zoe Jakes, Mardi Love) they are my inspiration.

For Paranormal, I would love to go with Ghost Hunters to some crazy place…

Thanks Feanix!

Check out more about Feanix at her official website and social networks… click here