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  • steve-cardenas-x

    Interview With Steve Cardenas

    Wendy: When you decided to take up Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, where did you first train? Steve Cardenas: When this kid off the street named Mike Ortiz, a blue belt under Rickson Gracie now a black belt, came into my 1st dojo I ever ran and basically...

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  • sean-patrick-flanery-3b

    Sean Patrick Flanery talks videos, Young and the Restless, Donut, BJJ and more

    Sean Patrick Flanery is an actor most known for his lead roles in BDS 1 & 2, Saw 3D, and The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones. Some folks still don’t know that he was the character of Powder in the movie “Powder“. Sean has been...

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  • 2011events

    Events With Sean Patrick Flanery, Norman Reedus and David Della Rocco for 2015

    As I work closely with actors Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus … I’ve needed to confirm many of the events that they attend. We once had an event overseas claim the guys were going to attend and the guys didn’t know anything about it....

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  • saw3dsean

    Big Love Letter to LIONSGATE for Casting Sean Patrick Flanery in SAW 7 3D

    With the SAW 7 3D movie looking to freak people out in theaters this month, one of the cast members has friends & fans that want to send a group of messages as a big type of a love letter to LIONSGATE and the creators...

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  • spf-arf

    Sean Patrick Flanery’s Interview About Donut – ARF Calendar

    Sean Patrick Flanery is part of a group of celebrities who took part in the making of the new ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation) calendar fundraiser. I thought it would be fun to have Sean interviewed so he could share some doggie tales about his beloved...

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  • sean-patrick-flanery-sinners-saints2

    Interview With Sean Patrick Flanery About Sinners And Saints

    Officially Plugged In’s Sean Patrick Flanery (Powder, Young Indiana Jones) is a “SINNER” in the “Sinners And Saints” movie where Sean takes on the role of COLIN O’NEIL, the deeply troubled friend and Ex-Army Brother in Arms, of Detective SEAN REILLY. Synopsis of “Sinners And...

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  • sean-patrick-flanery-deadly-impact

    Sean Patrick Flanery Targeted In Deadly Impact Movie

    “Deadly Impact” was just released on DVD! Sean Patrick Flanery has the role of Tom Armstrong, a police officer who becomes personally targeted by character David Kaplow (Joe Pantoliano – Cypher from The Matrix) who’s a  murdering maniac with no regard for human life. Tom...

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  • sean-patrick-flanery-citizen-jane3

    Sean Patrick Flanery in Citizen Jane Movie

    I was able to talk with Sean Patrick Flanery (Young Indiana Jones, Powder) this week and he has been busy shooting a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie named “Citizen Jane“. Sean plays the killer, Tom O’Donnell. Citizen Jane is a true story based on the...

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  • opi2

    About Officially Plugged In

    Every idea has a beginning and this site started when I began experiencing problems with fake and poser profiles online. About Officially Plugged In I was helping a couple of film producers with their online movie sites and social networks. One of the projects they...

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