Wendy Shepherd Are you concerned about people pretending to be you online? You should! It may seem harmless when people pretend to be someone they aren't. However, it's a form of identity theft and ruins reputations.

If you are in the public eye and have people who look up to you in any way, you will want to be listed here on Officially Plugged In.

People who pretend to be you are considered FAKERS or POSERS. Friends and fans will think they are talking to you. Fakers may wish to meet with your friends/fans, which can cause dangerous situations.

These people are robbing you of your friends and fans along with the support they provide for the hard work you have done.

In helping actor Sean Patrick Flanery get established online with an Official site and a MySpace page, we found the most effective way to prove he was the "real deal" was to provide video. Photos are not proof enough since they can be tweaked and changed in a graphics program. Video showed who he is without a doubt. Fans/friends wrote in saying they were relieved to know they are talking to and supporting the right person.

Many people in the public eye are establishing themselves online, even including links to their MySpace or other social networks. However, there is no uniformity or central site promoting them to help their friends/fans to find them. This is why "Officially Plugged In" was started. This is the first site like it that displays those who confirm their real presence and support to help stamp out fakers/posers.

See the GET LISTED page. If you don't have an official website and need help to get a website up and running, just send in a request for what you need along with a budget you have available and someone will help.    ~WendyShepherd.com

* My Officially Plugged In page is here.

Take care,
~Wendy Shepherd


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