Five tips to prove your presence online

#1 - You should have an official website, or a simple one-page site, where you can post official news, video, and links to MySpace, etc.

#2 - If you have a MySpace account, or other social network spots, link to them from the bottom of the MAIN page of your website.

#3 - Get listed here on "". Send in a video announcing your Official Website. Need ideas or help with how to do your videos?

#4 - Mention your website within the media. This helps your fans/friends find you online.

#5 - Make sure any photos you post online have your website/copyright marked on them to ensure people know they belong to you.

Send a message to find out how to be listed. If you aren't yet "Officially Plugged In" and need help to get a website up and running, just send in a request for what you need along with a budget you have available and someone will help.    ~Wendy Shepherd

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