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Imagine this; you are exploring the internet seeking entertainment. You spy the social network webpage of a well-known actor that you adore. You sign up for an account on this social network and add this actor as a friend. You then decide to send a message expressing your adoration and gratitude for the actor’s work over the years. You secretly hope this actor reads and replies to your message.

You go to sleep that evening as the idea briefly revisits your thoughts before you doze off.

The next afternoon when you have a free moment, you decide to log in to your social network account to explore and find some new entertaining folks to befriend.

You are surprised to see a message reply from the actor you wrote to the day before. Can it be, really? Does this actor personally have time to write messages with such a busy life?

You excitedly open the message and think that maybe an assistant sent this reply. However, you find the message is actually signed by the actor. Wow! How nice.

The message was a short thankful reply sent directly from the actor. Your heart is aflutter with excitement. For a moment, you’re floating on cloud nine with the personal message received. Your thoughts focus on trying to muster up another good reason to touch this person’s life again, hoping you won’t bother them too much.

Before you know it, you have corresponded back and forth several times and visions of meeting this actor in person now seem more of a reality than a dream.

Choose a Path

1) Go find more actors/actresses.
2) Meet the actor in person.
3) Donate money for the actor’s charity.
4) Purchase actor memorabilia.

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