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Danielle Nicolet : Actress, Producer.

Danielle Nicolet has always played unpredictable characters. Early on, she appeared most notably in National Lampoons Loaded Weapon 1 (1993), The Jacksons: An American Dream (1992) (TV), Where Truth Lies (1996), Shadow of Doubt (1998), and Race (1998). She spent 6 seasons as "Caryn" on "3rd Rock from the Sun" (1996). In 2005, Entertainment Weekly named her "the breakout star of the network", for her turn on the sitcom, "Second Time Around" (2004/I). She has since twice been deemed 'favorite character to watch' for her work as the cross-bearing head of the ICU on TNT hospital drama, "Heartland" (2007/I), and as the insecure and oversexed pal of Debra Messing and Judy Davis on the USA Network series, "The Starter Wife" (2008). Danielle has also appeared in films, Ticking Clock (2011) (V), Knuckle Draggers (2009), and Rocker (2006).

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What's your favorite tech toy that has internet access?

My favorite tech toy, hands down is my iphone. I can't live without it. It's singlehandedly responsible for shortening my attention span! I'm never bored so long as I have it, and I am much more patient while traveling because it keeps me company. My iphone is also a slave to my mood...if I feel like listening to music, it's there. Watch a movie? It's there. Read the newspaper? It's there. Answer emails? Surf the net? It's there. I even use it as a remote control for my computer. Oh yeah...it also makes the occasional phone call!

Do you tend to watch films or television shows digitally?

I find myself watching more and more television online, or streaming. It's a great way to discover programming that I might not have otherwise found. I travel quite a bit, so I don't get to choose which channels my hotel room receives. By using my computer to watch tv programming, I get to see all my favorite shows no matter where I am.

What is the biggest thing that has happened through the internet for you?

I don't know what the biggest thing that has happened for me from the internet is. That's the great thing! There are so many possibilities. I don't know who has gone online and watched my work, or read an interview and the butterfly effect that action may have had on my life. It's just cool to know that the activity and buzz is out there.

Have you gotten any acting jobs because of the internet?

I don't think I've gotten any jobs specifically because of the internet, but I'm positive that it has acted as a support.

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