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What are MySpace Celebrity or Twitter Verified account statuses?

MySpace and Twitter are two social networks that require evidence, proof, ticking time and possibly a first born child to verify that someone is indeed who they say they are if they are a celebrity or well-known talent.

Each social network can be hard to reach. We were able to use the Officially Plugged In videos of Sean Patrick Flanery and Clifton Collins Jr. to get them verified through both MySpace Celebrity and Twitter. The benefit of being verified helps fans find the 'real' person and not a poser/fake. Officially Plugged in is happy to mention that at least two of the social networks provide a way of letting fans see certified signs of 'true' accounts.

MySpace has a celebrity directory that lists all verified accounts, and they provide news and exclusive updates from these celebrities.

Twitter has a directory of verified people and they place a checkmark emblem on each profile that is proven to be 'real'. This emblem is placed in the right hand column above the person's name.

Always check to make sure these graphics are placed in the right area on the person's social network (not in the background, not in the right side on Twitter) and look for them in the verified or celebrity directory of each social network.

Know of someone who needs help being verified? Well, it is tricky and the social networks can be picky about who they list... but one step that can be taken is to get showcased on so that no matter what social network you find yourself on, you can let fans know where to find your video with links to your official site online and active official social networks. Officially Plugged In is for a good cause to keep family, friends and fans safe online.

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