Frederic Doss Frederic Doss
Frederic Doss : Actor, Producer.

Frederic appeared in the Transformers movie as Lt. Frederic Doss, in the comedy Coyote County Loser as Lyle Granger and the new G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra as well as the Humans Versus Zombies movie.

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Who influenced you to get on the internet?
Frederic: I never had a computer at home growing up. I guess it was my good pal Jason who got me hooked on AOL back in the beginning! That was fun...and something I never hope to do again. :)

Do you go online first thing in the morning?
Frederic: Yes...and way too frequently throughout the day.

Does social networking help your career?
Frederic: Yes,it's helped me meet people who are likeminded and ambitious. "Expectations", filming in Atlanta in February has been born from the minds of 5-6 people who will meet for the FIRST time.

Have you seen anything bizarre on the internet?
Frederic: The Salad Fingers cartoons are creepy and the casting forum on imdb is very...interesting. There's so much out there, it's had to pick just one thing.

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