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Upon graduating from Florida State University with a degree in Media Production, Gregor drove out to Los Angeles with $500, no job, and not knowing a single soul. He got a job as a Production Assistant, and worked as a Freelance Reality TV Producer for 5 years. But it wasn't until one day stumbling into an acting class during a jobless stretch, that he discovered his true calling. Gregor is starring in the new film, Night Before The Wedding.

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Do producers tend to use the internet to see a person’s online market reach?

I'm probably the wrong kind of producer to ask - these days, I only produce my own projects that I act in. And since I'm first and foremost an actor, I am busy expanding my own online market reach, I guess in hopes of being reached by other producers! But I'd imagine a person's market reach online - especially in the age of the internet - is important, not to mention, smart. It's not enough anymore to network solely in the 'non-cyber-world'.

Should all actors have an official website?

I believe it is intelligent to have a website. It not only legitimizes you and gives you a forum to express precisely who you are to potential 'buyers', but it also gives you an easier, more efficient way to market yourself (rather than sending out sites where people have to click around for 5 minutes before they actually see you - who has time for that?)

Do you have any favorite movie websites that you frequent?

For the most up-to-date box office numbers, I'm a frequent visitor of Boxofficemojo. For movie reviews, Rottentomatoes. Of course Imdb has a lot to offer, and Variety and Hollywood Reporter are always reliable. I enjoy watching new trailers - both indie and studio - at apple movie trailers.

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