Igor Breakenback Igor Breakenback
Igor Breakenback : Actor, Stunt Coordinator, Director, Producer.

Runs Breakenback films which produced "Good Luck With That". Undefeated in MMA (Ryu Jiu Jitsu) Martial artist.

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What online outlet seems to help you the most with promoting your film?
Igor: www.breakenback.com All my other sites (Myspace, Facebook, Imdb.com, etc..) lead to our company page, where all our projects can be promoted in the right way.

Have you found film investors via the internet?
Igor: Yes and no! There are plenty of people that want to get involved and even donate some money towards projects. But a real investor is someone who can bring substantial financial back up, and that has not happened yet. But it is still possible and maybe one day the investors will find us too, through the internet.

Have you found a good movie news outlet to send film releases through?
Igor: There are far too many that we post on, but since we do not really get the stats, it is impossible to tell. I am yet to find one website that submits movie news to all other sources and guarantees traffic as well as exposure!!! Let me know if you get across one!

Do you tend to watch your website stats much?
Igor: Once a month. We want to make sure that our content is reaching the audience. Also what content the Fans like, so we can give them more good stuff.

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