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Kurt Yaeger : Actor.

Kurt Yaeger was a professional athlete in the extreme sports genre prior to his accident. He was cast and performed for the Maximum Rocket Power live tour (Nickelodeon/Clear Channel) working under the direction of Disney director Marilyn Magness. Current projects include Lead in the feature Tenderloin, Guess Star role on the T.V. show "Without A Trace", episode title is ARTICLE 32, lead in the film "The Corporation", lead in the film "The Gift", supporting role in "The Rat", supporting in Hell Patrol Lead in Every Other Week Lead in "ASSHOLE of the West".

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What top websites do you frequent to watch videos?

Kurt: I frequent three or four sights the same amount. My email account @ hotmail, Facebook, Myspace, and Youtube.

Do you spend more time watching television or watching videos on the internet?
Kurt: I removed cable from my house several years ago, so I haven't watched T.V. in a long while, but I do watch DVD's. I'd say that the time I watch videos on the internet and DVD's are about the same.

How has the internet helped you?
Kurt: Well the ability to market yourself is huge, you could be famous because you make a funny noise, because you have a bad temper while playing video games, or because you are totally insane and love Britney. The ability to acquire recognition for your own special talents is probably the biggest way the internet has helped me.

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