Trey Moore Trey Moore
Trey Moore : Actor, Model.

This South Carolina native was named one of Cosmopolitan Magazine's bachelors of the year, beating out thousands of hunks from his home state. He has appeared on the Today Show, Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition, Playboy Radio and E! News. Trey also appeared in "Leatherheads" directed by George Clooney, among other exciting roles.

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How long have you been online?
TreyI Since about 5th grade.

Do you use the internet 'language' lingo much? (like LOL, IDK, TTYL)?
Trey: Ashamed to admit it but I sure do haha.

How has the internet helped with your networking?
Trey: It has helped me tremendously in that it is easier to find people worldwide that can help you with your dreams as opposed to locally or even regionally.

What is the strangest thing you have seen online?
Trey: Strangest thing online ehh? Haha well...I would say that it is most awkward to see fake profiles using my photos and info. Also there are some very "interesting" people that you run across that have wild views on life.

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