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CC Perkinson : Actress, Host, Model, Producer.

A racehorse jocky for the span of over 10 years. She raced nationwide, traveling as far as Hong Kong to be a part of the 'SPORT OF KINGS'. Now you can find her as an actress and host on T.V., the internet and at your local blockbuster store. She also appeared on some reality shows, such as 'GIRLS NEXT DOOR' AND 'VIP PASSPORT'.

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How long have you had an online presence?

CC: I personally have had an online presence for over five years. Our CC Variety TV is a newly developed company that has been available for close to a year now.

You seem to have a good grasp on networking online. How many outlets have you joined?

CC: It's all about networking. Even though its hard to keep up with all the sites available today, it's important to be involved if you have a business to promote even as an actress, actor or model. A person needs a way to let others know who they are as well as find others that can fit into your program/lifestyle etc.

What seems to be the best outlet to help with exposure for your videos?

CC: Well there isn't a soul alive I don't believe that isn't aware of Youtube. My only disappointment with Y.T is that their quality output isn't up to par with video outlets. However, even for our CC Variety TV, we use it as our secondary source to get our coverage viewed.

Do you have a website you visit for fun?

If I do have time....which is rare. I jump onto E online for the latest fashion and gossip...just in case I come across them on my own (CCVTV) interviewing opportunities.

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