Jillian Murray Jillian Murray
Jillian Murray : Actress.

Jillian has appeared in roles in film and television, such as The Fun Park (Megan Davis), Knuckle Draggers (Amy), American High School (Gwen Adams), An American Carol (Heather), The Graves (Abby Graves), Forget Me Not (Lex Mitchell), Sonny With A Chance (Portlyn) and more.

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Do you purchase many digital products (music, electronic books, and/or movies)?
Jillian: Yeah, i love listening to music on my itunes. I have over 3,000 songs. And I don't buy many dvds anymore because im running out of room, so I have been using netflix and loving it!

If you miss a television show, if made available… do you watch it online?
Jillian: Nope, I just tivo it. Without tivo i probably wouldn't watch tv.

Do you use a blog (online journal) much?
Jillian: Only when I am putting updates on my myspace.

Do you chat with your friends via phone or online more?
Jillian: My cell phone more because I am always driving somewhere and it gives me a chance to call my friends and family. When I actually am home I love video chatting on ichat.

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