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Born and raised in Southern California, York Shackleton took up snowboarding and skateboarding at age 10. By 19 he was on the professional snowboarding circuit, where he wowed legions of young fans and popularized a move called the "rodeo flip." Inspired to tap into the commercial aspect of the sport, York and a friend started the company groove snowboards. In the late 1990s, York took his tricks in front of the camera, appearing in several national commercials for Mountain Dew and Taco Bell. York got his first taste of straight acting the next year, when he turned up alongside Dominique Swain as a teenage skater in Johnathan Kahn's "Girl".

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York's movie career began in earnest when he landed a lead role in Emilio Ferrari's "White Out" (at his very first audition, according to Ferrari). While the film was almost universally panned, York received high marks from critics and audiences for his turn as "a cocky king of the mountain" Kelly Powers. Ferrari was so pleased with York that he wrote a part for him in his next film, "I Know What You Did Last Winter".

After appearing in several Indies and the MTV series "Undressed", York crossed over into mainstream circles with his directorial debut. "Las Paraditas", a feature documentary exposing the violence and corruption that surrounds the prostitutes of Tijuana. In 2005, York wrote and directed the critically acclaimed cult film, "Kush" Starring William Atherton, Mike Erwin and Lyn Shea.

York maintains a relatively low profile, but cohorts insist that he's one of the funniest and most gentlemanly directors in the business."

York's Officially Plugged In Interview:

When did you decide to plunge into the online world?

I'd like to think I've been pretty active in the online world for a while now. One of my short films "Stealing Roy" was posted on IFilm almost ten years ago and has had over 3 million hits to date as well as a best screenplay nomination. Since then I try to continually create new content weekly and stay very active with other online users.

Has the internet helped you as a filmmaker?

Oh definitely. As an independent filmmaker I feel that the internet is an important tool to get awareness for your product on all different levels. I personally have seen a strong growth in the amount of people that have become interested in my films just from strategic posts on my social network pages. Having the ability to market yourself as well as your films on the internet gives the filmmaker a power that has never been possessed before.

What seems to be the most effective site for you to use?

I feel that Facebook pages are still the most effective and relevant medium for filmmakers to use when it comes to marketing yourself and your product to new people or even a specific demographic. But sites like www.officiallypluggedin.com are obviously becoming more and more powerful everyday so whatever the hot site is at the time, as filmmakers we need to stay current and always be updating with new content.

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