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Joćo Paulo Simões : Filmmaker.

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Has the internet helped you bring much recognition to your films?

Very much so. It's by definition a far-reaching platform for promotion and it's been crucial in building a consistent fan-base along with gathering support from like-minded individuals who specialise in areas beyond filmmaking.

Have you been able to find people to work with online?

Yes. I have established very important and enriching collaborations with artists, often complementing my castings with online resources. It's also a terrific way to get hold of work opportunities in the areas under which I'm commissioned - be it music videos or documentaries.

Will you be selling your films online?

II already am. By establishing practical partnerships, I am now releasing limited editions of my work on DVD - including the recently completed feature Stolen Waters & Other Absences.

What is your most valuable internet resource?

Joćo: Possibly my Blogspot. Simply because it's where all the up-to-date information and artwork is centralised, with links to my Youtube Channel, my Myspace Profile and my official presence on the BBC Network.

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