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Steve Nguyen : Entrepreneur, Actor, Producer, Visual Artist.

Steve Nguyen is a Vietnamese-American director, film/web series producer, and writer. Since 2005, Nguyen has been involved with the production of over forty independent films, ranging from a wide variety of genres. Nguyen has made appearances on network television programs and films such as Las Vegas, Scrubs, Freaks and Geeks, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Fast and the Furious 3: Tokyo Drift, Jarhead, and The Man Show. Along with Kevin Hsieh, he manages, a site devoted towards broadcasting Asian American entertainment. As part of channelAPA, Nguyen has produced numerous videos featuring several notable artists in the AA community.

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Which social network do you tend to benefit most from?

Without a doubt, it would be Twitter. Facebook definitely helped me get started, but as far as Twitter goes... I've been able to reach out to several thousand followers and build many working relationships in just a matter of months.

Do you have a certain video that you've seen go viral?

I'm starting to see more of my videos circulate through the net a bit more than before, but nothing has gone viral as of right now.

What is your biggest wish the internet may be able to grant?

One could only ask for so much, but if there's a more efficient way to monetize blogging and writing so that one could make a sustainable full-time career out of it... then please Internet, make it happen!

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