Clifton Collins Jr Clifton Collins Jr
Clifton Collins Jr : Actor, Producer, Director, Writer

Clifton Collins Jr (Clifton Gonzales Gonzales) is known for roles in film and television, such as Capote (Perry Smith), Tigerland (Pvt. Miter), Traffic (Frankie Flowers), The Last Castle (Cpl. Ramon Aguilar) and more. Upcoming and recent films include: Sunshine Cleaning (Winston), The Horsemen (Stingray), Star Trek (Ayel), Crank 2: High Voltage (El Huron), The Perfect Game (Cesar), Brothers (Major Cavazos), The FP (Rave Usher), Freeloaders, Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day (Romeo), and Extract (Step).

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How long have you been online?
Clifton: I have been online 9 years and my website has been up 4 years..

How many social networks do you belong to?
Clifton: About 4.

Are many of your family and friends online?
Clifton: Yes, too many to count.

Where do you catch up on the news more: tv or internet?

Clifton: Mostly on T.V.

How has the internet affected your career?
Clifton: As far as booking jobs, it hasn't yet. But, as for a fan base, notoriety, people knowing what I am working on, coming out to screenings, events and for support, it has helped tremendously.

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